Here are some examples of projects that we have completed.

Oakland Bay Bridge

We provided drafting support for a steel fabricator on this project.  Giving them quality fabrication drawings allowing them to fabricate the parts with confidence knowing they will fit. 


Control House Redesign

The control house was redesigned using 3D modeling to optimize visibility and the ergonomic layout of the controls for the operator.  Also taking into account safety in designing the platform, hand rail and stairs surrounding the control house.     



Galloway for Mining Industry

Worked with the fabricator to provide high quality fabrication drawings. Allowing for them to build and assemble the Galloway with minimal field modifications.


Platforms and Stairs

Design and draw safe platforms and stairways for any application.  Using 3D modeling we ensure platforms and stairs provide the access and safety needed for each specific application.

Gas and Oil Industry

Above is an example of a vessel designed for the oil and gas industry.  We use the latest 3D piping programs to ensure quality drawings that minimize issues in the field.

Plate Grab

We design tools and lifting devices for industrial applications.  Such as the plate grab shown above.  


Industrial Building Design/Layout

Detailed construction drawings for industrial buildings.  We also provide drawings showing the interior layout of machinery.